Thank you for your quick processing of our Car Donation.

Dear Kidney Kars,

I just wanted to thank you for your quick processing of our car donation!  Thanks for making the process so easy. 

Have a wonderful holiday. Best Regards, N. Spohn

I was shocked to find out I would be going on dialysis

Thank you all so much for helping us in a time of need. I am a full time student in college. Making ends meet is tough enough. When my wife and I found out about my kidney disease, it was so unexpected and disheartening.  Being only 24 years old, I was shocked to find out I would be going on dialysis and in need of a transplant.  Medical bills pile up and can be overwhelming.  Every little bit counts.  Thank you for helping to take away some of the financial stress associated with needing a transplant.  Please thank your donors.    S. L. Lewis

Kidney Foundation warms hearts and homes this Christmas

Dear Kidney Foundation,

Thank you so much for paying our horrendous gas and electric bill.  I was feeling so helpless and hopelss after paying all my medical bills this month– not a penny was left over.  I thought our heat might get turned off.  I was worried sick because of how cold it’s been this week.  Your kindness is so much appreciated, it took a load off my mind.  When I get to a point where I can donate to our orangaization, I will.  I would like to help others, as you have helped us in our time of need.  Thanks again.— Signed, M. Macke (Utah Dialysis Patient)