Kidney Kars Help Dialysis Patients in Utah

I have been on the transplant waiting list for a kidney for over five years.  My husband works, but my medical circumstances keep us continually fighting to make ends meet.  The recent rise in the cost of gas has really sent us over the edge.  I was crying at dialysis, explaining to a friend how I was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to afford getting to treatment three days a week.  I was saying how I just didn’t even want to live anymore with the worry and concern it was causing my husband.  A Social Worker at the dialysis center told me that they had been given an emergency ‘gas card’ made available by the Kidney Foundation to help pay for gas for patients like me.  It was a life-saver.  Thank you for all the people who donate their cars and other gifts to the Kidney Foundation.  Thank you, thank you.  Diseree B. 

Kidney Foundation helps repair car

Dear Kidney Foundation:  Thank you so much for helping me get my vehicle fixed!  The $350 was a blessing.  If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have had any way to get back and forth to my dialysis treatments.  I appreciate what you have done for me.  Thank you for lightening the burden and improved the quality of my life in every way!  Thank you!!! D. Espinoza

Thank you note from woman suffering from Kidney Failure

Dear Kidney Foundation,

 I would like to express sincere appreciation for your considerate donation to pay for my Medicare premiums for the first few months after I was diagnosed with kidney failure.  Being a single woman, and needing to work two jobs to pay for my medical expenses has caused me much stress.  Kidney failure has affected me not just physically, but also financially.  I wondered how I could even pay for my own treatments to stay alive.  Your help with my Medicare saved my life, and has lightened my burden considerably.  Thank you for your wonderful charity to help individuals like me.  Thank you to all the Kidney Kars donations that make your generous help available. 

Gratefully yours,

B. Stathis

Dialysis Patient Receives Transportation Grant and Says Thanks

I am writing to thank you for the transportation grant.  I have been on dialysis for four years and able to drive myself.  Then, about two weeks ago, I passed out and broke my ankle.  During recovery, I could not drive to diaysis.  Thank you for helping me get to treatment.  I am grateful for your support.  Again, thank you very much.  Robert C.