Kidney Kars Save Lives

Dear Kidney Foundation.  This letter is to thank you or all your help. My husand, Mitchell, is on dialysis three times a week.  I work, and had health inurance for him.  Soon, the compay I worked for decided he was too expensive to insure, and took him off insurance.  The cost for his perscriptions was so high, I didn’t know how we were going to make it.  Thanks to your help with gas for transportation, we were able to get by until I could fin another job and other resources to help.  I am so grateful to all the people who contribute their cars and make other gifts to the Kidney Foundation to help people they don’t even k now just because they can!  God bless all of you for lightening my burden, and that of my husband and family.  Sincerely, Denise K.

Make your Charity Car Donation a Kidney Car!

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Make your Charity Car donation a Kidney Kar and win free gas & prizes!

If you choose to donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation of  Utah & Idaho, the  #1 choice in charity car donation in Utah, between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 you will automatically be entered to win a trip to Pebble Beach for 4 (golf included),  a $25,000 cash prize, and 25 prizes including a years worth of gasoline and oil changes.  For details visit the or the website ( for details!  Thank you for making your charity car donation a Kidney Kar!

Kidney Kars helps pay Utah Kidney Patient’s Car Repair

I wanted to thank the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho for the financial assistance I received to get my car repaired.  Because of this help, I am able to continue to transport myself to the Castleview Dialysis Center four times weekly.  It is wonderful to know that there are still people in the world who care about helping others when they need it.  May the Lord bless all of you for the work that you do.   Sincerely, L.R.Ashmore