NKF Utah Predicts the Utah vs. BYU win with frightening accuracy for over 20 years

Since 1987, the National Kidney Foundation of Utah has held the Rivalry for Charity Golf Tournament, featuring a play off between the head coaches of BYU and U of U.  The loser of the tournament has to sing the winning school’s fight song.  The Rivalry dates back to the days of LaVell Edwards and Ron Mc Bride.  “It’s a well know fact on our board,” says Deen Vetterli, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah, “that whoever wins our golf tournament, loses the ‘big game’.”  At this year’s tournament, held at the Country Club in Salt Lake, Kyle Whittingham was overheard saying:  “I’d love to win this round of golf, but every time I win, we lose the big game against BYU”.  

So who won the Kidney Foundation Tournament?  Let’s just say it was on the news when Bronco Mendenhall sang “Utah Man!”  Great news for BYU fans tomorrow!

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