Why your Kidney Car Donation Means So Much

 (In letter to all Kidney Foundation of Utah employees sent Friday, November 21, 2008):

I would like to remind you why we all work here.  We just received a call from the mother of a kidney patient who was evicted from her home a few months ago. She has a 2 yr. old son on a ventilator and on dialysis. She is now homeless and has been living in her car. Pam Grant, the pediatric social worker at the U, called and asked if we could make an emergency financial grant to get her in an apartment NOW. Thanks to the many donations we receive thorugh Kidney Kars and generous cash contributions, we were easily able to grant that request.  I just received a thank you call from that child’s mother.  Overwhelmed, she spoke in words broken up by tears of gratitude. Thank you all for making this kind of wonderful thing happen.  Sincereley, Deen Vetterli, CEO, National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho

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