Kidney Foundation helped us through Crises

This letter is in regard to your organization helping my husband and me through crises.  We would like to say a very heart felt (or should we say “kidney”) thank you for the help in paying our utility bill.  We knew of Foundations like yours was out there, but we didn’t need it at the time.  That’s when we thought my husband was healthy with only high blood pressure.  Then in April 2008 we discovered a sore on his back over the kidney area.  Doctors did tests on it and found it he was in renal failure.  Plus, on top of that he is diabetic.  We started seeing a kidney specialist, but didn’t have any insurance. The social worker at the dialysis center did everything she could to help us.  She helped us get coverage for dialysis.  This is January 2009, and you helped us pay our power bill. I want you to know how much this help has meant to us.  It has been a hard year, and we are so very grateful for the help we have received.  Thank you, thank you.  Sincerely, R. Tuttle

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