You are in our prayers

My husband and I would like to say thank you for the tremendous financial grant to pay our power bill.  We have been in such a financial crunch to pay all our medical bills.  We are in the process of trying to lose enough weight for my husband to qualify to be on the kidney transplant waiting list.  We are hoping that by October, he will be healthy enough to be eligible to be on the waiting list.  We truly appreciate great organizations, like the Kidney Foundation, who help people like us in need.  We are greatly in your debt, and praise God for another day.  We also pray for all of those who help us with my husband’s kidney problems on a daily basis; our doctors, nurses, and dialysis technicians.   Without the help and support of others, I know we could not make it.  We barely survive on my income.  Just know, that your help and kindness to us was deeply appreciated.  We keep you in our prayers that you may continue to help others, like us, who are in need.  Thanks to you, and all the Kidney Cars and other donations that make it possible for you to help us.  Sincerely,   R. & C. Tuttle, SLC, UT

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