March 11, 2010 is World Kidney Day

Dear Friend:

Today is World Kidney Day! It’s the perfect time to look back and celebrate the progress we have made in the fight against kidney disease.

In 1950, when the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) was founded, people with kidney failure had little hope or available treatments: there was no dialysis or transplants, which meant they simply died.

Today, kidney patients can enjoy rich and productive lives, and NKF is proud to have played a role in providing vital programs and services for these individuals and their families for the past 60 years. But, now we need your help more than ever.

The scope of kidney disease continues to grow: 26 million Americans–1 in 9–have chronic kidney disease. More than 367,000 currently depend on dialysis for survival. More than 83,000 are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Every two hours, one person waiting for a kidney dies.

As we commemorate our 60th Anniversary, the need for our services remains critical. Please make a generous gift to our 60th Anniversary Fund Campaign. You can also help us by becoming a volunteer fundraiser for NKF and by reaching out to your family, friends and coworkers

All gifts help us provide valuable public and professional education, early detection screenings, and research into the causes and treatments of kidney diseases. They also provide vital services to people with kidney disease, dialysis patients, transplant recipients and organ donors across the United States.

Happy World Kidney Day and thank you for helping us provide help and hope to everyone affected by kidney disease.


John Davis, CEO
The National Kidney Foundation

1-800-Tow-Kars or

This year the National Kidney Foundation of Utah received around 30 phone calls from donors seeking their tax receipts after they donated to what they believed to be the Kidney Kars donation program.  They have all be adamant they donated to us.  In searching around, we discovered that the a car processing center in California, who has over 300 charity clients–including American Kidney Fund (in Maryland), Kidney & Urology Foundation (New York), and Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation (New York)–had been advertising using the words “Kidney Kars” “Kidney Cars” and “Kidney Foundation.”  We were devastated.  We later learned that the State of Utah Division of Consumer Protection had been after this company for two years to try and stop their operations in Utah. We implore anyone interested in donating their car to please only use the 1-800-TOW-KARS phone number or the website.  When you talk to the phone operators, always ask where they are located.  If they are not in Utah–do not donate to them unless you are sure you want your money to go to that organization out of state.  Also, ask if that charity has a Better Business Bureau ranking on their webpage.  The Better Business Bureau has information about every charity in the state online, readily available for anyone to see and it should be visible from the charity’s website.  Please do not be angry with the National Kidney Foundation of Utah’s Kidney Kars program  if you accidentally donated to some other organization.  Kidney Kars has been in operation since 1988 and continues to be Utah’s #1 choice for car donation.  Please  remember 1-800-TOW-KARS (1-800-869-5277) or!  Our office is in Provo, we look forward to answering your questions about how to donate a car to Kidney Kars.  Towing is free, and the donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for my scholarship

I wanted to thank the foundation for the generous scholarship I received.  Going to college has gone from a dream to reality.  But without the assistance the National Kidney Foundation of Utah has provided, I do not know where I’d be today. You are helping me make a better life for myself.  I’m 21 now, but when I was 16 I received a kidney transplant.  It changed my life.  Being sick makes you wonder if you will ever be able to accomplish anything and now I have the world at my fingertips.  I am the first person in my family to go to college.  I am in my final semester of the Occupational Therapy Assistance program at Salt Lake Community College.  I have always had an interest in the medical field.  I am very grateful to be able to persue my passion.  The Kidney Foundation does wonderful things and I will forever be grateful for how you have helped me since my transplant.  Sincerely, Brooke R.