Thank you to Utah’s Kidney Kars Donations!

My name is Holly,  I am writing a little note to say thank you to all the people who donate their cars to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah’s Kidney Kars donation program.  The National Kidney Foundation of Utah recently helped me pay my dental bill, which I couldn’t afford to pay.  If you are wondering why going to the dentist is so important  to someone like me with kidney failure–consider the fact that I will be take off the transplant waiting list if I do not visit the dentist and am not current on my dental care.  You can not receive a transplant with any kind of infection, and not even a cavity.  Kidney patients often struggle with the cost of going to the dentist on top of all their other medical expeneses.  So to you, the Kidney Kars donors and the National Kidney Foundation of Utah–I say THANK YOU! for helping me pay to go to the dentist, and keeping me on the transplant waiting list. With any luck, I’ll get a call soon!  Sincerely,   Holly L. 

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