We’d like to thank the Utah Kidney Foundation one last time.

Dear Mrs. Vetterli:  I am writing this note on behalf of my husband Mike A. who passed away July 1, 2010.  He was a dialysis patient for the past 4 years.  Each time we were benefactors of the Kidney Foundation we would write a note acknowledging the members and donors who made those funds available.  This will be our last note of gratitude.  Before Mike died, he missed a dialysis treatment because we did not have the money for gas.  His social worker, Scott, gave him a $20.00 bill from his own pocket and asked Mike to promise he would never miss a dialysis treatment again.  Mike and I were lucky to receive a gas card from the Kidney Foundation which enabled us to keep that promise.  Mike’s social worker and the Kidney Foundation were important to us.  Scott spoke recently at Mike’ s funeral.  We were so fortunate to have advocates like Scott, and the Kidney Foundation looking out for us.  On behalf of all kidney patients who benefit from your patient services, we thank you one last and final time.  Sincerely,  Helen A.

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