I struggle to pay for meds

I am a kidney transplant patient.  When I had the transplant I was married, and not worried about paying for the drugs to keep my kidney from failing.  Now I am divorced, and on my own.  I had a brain aneurism within days after transplant.  I have also had several strokes.  I have been sewing in my home for a design firm to help support myself.  I struggle mentally and physically to do this.  I do not want to become a burden to the state.  I have worked hard to make I can support myself.  But I struggle to pay for my meds.  If it happens again, if I my new kidney fails– I won’t go back to dialysis or get another transplant.  It was hard the first time, but I am grateful for the time I have had and the ability to take care of myself with a little help from people like the Kidney Foundation.  God Bless you, thank you for your support.  Marie W.   

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