We are forever beholden to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah

We received your letter dated January 22, 2011 letting us know that the Kidney Foundation of Utah had helped us with our water bill.  I don’t know who will read this letter, but I want everyone to know that the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idah was a Godsend. My husband is in kidney failure and cannot work because he’s got to go to dialysis 5 days a week.  He’s also diabetic and has high blood pressure–and all the terrible health problems that go along with those two horrible diseases.  I am so glad your foundation has people with feelings and who understand how hard it is to make ends meet when there is chronic illness at home. I had to quit my job as a CNA to care for my husband.  I cannot express adequately how much it means to know there are people at the Kidney Foundation I can turn to for emotional and also some financial support.  Thank you so much for your help, you have made our lives a little easier.  We are forever beholden to you.  Sincerely, Rocky & Candy T.

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