Utah Donor gives a 1984 Maserati Quattroporte to Kidney Kars

Thank you to the Salt Lake City donor who gave a 1984 MASERATI QUATTROPORTE to Kidney Kars! In 1984 this car sold for around $57,000. As a collectible, today it’s worth around $10,000. What a great donation! What a great tax deduction for the donor! Just think of what this means to kidney patients and medical research!

I had 3 molars removed

I am very grateful for your help with the payment of my dental bill. I recently had to have 3 molars removed. They were painfully infected and were keeping me off the transplant waiting list. Having them removed has eliminated my pain, and the infection. People just don’t realize that the smallest thing (like dental work) can keep you off the transplant waiting list. Any infection will prevent you from being a transplant candidate. I don’t even care if I get a bridge for the 3 removed molars, I’m just glad to not be in any pain and to be back on the waiting list. I could not have afforded the whole dentist bill on my own at this time due to my other medical expenses.  Thank you for your help!  God Bless you!  Sincerely Yours, Alice M.