Ogden Utah Kidney Friends

Kidney Friends in Ogden, Utah!

The Chili’s in Harrisville Utah will donate 15% of your dinner bill to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah in celebration of World Kidney Day on March 8, 2012 when you use this coupon! Bon Appétit!

Thank you for the $350.00

Dear Ms. Vetterli,
Thank you so much for the $350 that was paid to Medco for my prescriptions. The first $320 of my prescriptions for the year are a deductible cost. The winter is a hard time to scrape together an extra $320 dollars. January is the worst month for us (that’s when all our medical deductibles are usually due). The prescription grant helped pay for Zen-Pep, even with the copay of $100.00 is expensive let alone the full price of $395.00. Your grant has helped so much. I truly appreciate all the work the Kidney Foundation does to help kidney patients in Utah. Sincerely, Paul L.

From the City of Hailey Idaho

National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho–We received a check from your foundation as a payment for city utilities for Mr. P Moya. On behalf of the citizens of Hailey Idaho, we would like to thank you for this safety net. The financial climate has been extremely challenging for many residents. When there is a medical burden, the stress on a family can be catastrophic. It is reassuring to know there are programs like yours to help people in need. Yours is work that matters; thank you for reaching out to one of our residents.
B. Stokes
City Treasurer

Shapiros’ memorial service filled with tears and laughter

Dr.  and Mrs. Lawrence and Glenna Shapirohttp://tucsoncitizen.com/arizona-news/2012/02/08/shapiros-service-filled-with-tears-laughter/

Glenna Shapiro, retired CEO of NKF Arizona

Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro with their grandchildren

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. and Glenna Shapiro died Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, at their home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Active and vital throughout 51 years of marriage, they shared a passion for helping others, each serving in numerous charitable and nonprofit organizations and giving generously of their time and resources to improve the quality of life for all in their community. Glenna served as Executive Director of the Arizona Kidney Foundation (now the National Kidney Foundation) from 1987 to 2006. During her tenure she greatly increased organ donor awareness, raised millions of dollars thereby improving kidney patient access to medicines, dialysis, and transplantation for thousands of Arizonans suffering from kidney disease. A website has been set up by the Shapiro’s adult children: http://www.glennalawrenceshapiro.com/

Glenna will be dearly missed by her sister Deen Vetterli, who is the current CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho.