What about Motorhomes, Trailers, Boats or other recreational vehicles?

Does the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho accept Motorhomes, Trailers, Boats, wave runners or other recreational vehicles?

Yes! However….

We do NOT offer free towing for any vehicle other than passenger cars and trucks.

So yes, we can accept them if you’re willing to deliver your donation to a location in (North) Salt Lake City.

We do take motorhomes, trailers, boats, wave runners, snow machines, school buses, box trucks, cargo vans, cherry pickers, road pavers (and alot of other things). But these types of items must be delivered by the donor.

So, if you can deliver the recreational vehicle or equipment yourself, then go ahead and submit the donation to www.towKars.org and using the appropriate (car, boat, RV, or motorcycle) sections of the www.towKars.org website. If you check the box asking if you are willing to the donated item, it will allow you to continue the submission.
If you do NOT check the box acknowledging that will deliver the item, the website will NOT allow you to submit or continue the donation.

If you have questions about donating anything other than a car (and you believe the item to be valued at $1,000 or more) please call the National Kidney Foundation of Utah office for more details.

You can call 9-5/M-F (801) 226-5111 to discuss the details about donating a boat, motorhome, trailer, wave runner, snow machine, or any recreation vehicle or any other machinery.


Thank you!


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