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How to Get Rid of A Car – Why You Should Consider Donating It

All cars, even once dependable cars (cars that have seen you through thick and thin) eventually come to the end of the road. There are a few ways to get rid of a car. It helps to think your options through, decide what your goals are in getting rid of the car, and ask yourself some questions. Here are a few ideas on how to get rid of a car:

How to Get Rid of a Car: 3 Possibilities

Sell the car for cash.

Or at least see how much you could potentially get for it. Depending on how old the car is, what model it is, and how much damage has been done or repairs are needed, you could either get a solid chunk, or almost nothing at all. The downside of selling a car is that it can take a lot of effort to go through the process. 

So ask yourself if the value of the sale will be worth your time (not to mention the risk of selling online to strangers, or the responsibility of honestly representing that car’s condition in a sale).

Use the car as a trade in.

Using an older car as a trade in is a solid option for getting rid of your old car, but has a lot of the same considerations as selling. When using your car as a trade in, you’ll likely not get the full value of the vehicle, but may help to put a little toward the down payment on your next ride.

So ask yourself  ‘will a dealer accept this car as a trade in, even though the mileage show that the car has driven to the moon and back?’ Sometimes dealers won’t find value in your clunker because there will be no resell value for them. If the parts are worn or it needs lots of repair, it won’t even be worth it for them to use it for parts. You’ll also have to find a way to get it to them if it doesn’t run.

Donate the car to a local charity for free towing and a tax deduction.

The best advice we have on how to get rid of a car is to donate it! Yes, we know that we’re a car donation charity, but there are some really solid and legitimate reasons why this is one of the best ways to get rid of your old car.

First, the process is extremely easy. All you have to do is provide the car’s information, sign the title, and we’ll come pick the car up for you. The entire process might take you 5-15 minutes.

In addition, your donation will give you some tax benefits that may save you the money you would have gotten from a sale or a trade-in. Donating your car is a solid way to increase your tax return.

On top of all that, your donation helps to fund much-needed medical treatments for kidney patients in need. Many of these patients are not able to pay for the expensive treatments on their own, and a car donation to Kidney Kars not only helps them do that, but literally saves their lives.

Getting Rid of Your Car?: Why You Should Consider Donating to Kidney Kars

Kidney Kars of Utah & Idaho is an exceptional way to get rid of a car if you decide to donate. We accept cars in any condition, and tow them away for free. We also give you a tax receipt as long as you have a clear title, the car has 4 wheels (even flat ones) and the engine and transmission are still inside the motor compartment.

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho will recycle your car, sell the parts, or sell the car at an auction to raise money to fund Utah and Idaho dialysis & transplant patient emergency costs, fund local medical research, or to provide free kidney screenings and organ donation awareness programs in Utah and Idaho.

So when your old car comes to a stop at the end of the road, get rid of it in about 48 hours by donating it to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho’s Kidney Kars program. Here’s How to Donate Your Car.

By the way, you can also donate your boat, motorcycle or RV! Click on the links below to get started:

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