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Can Kidney Kars Accept a Boat Donation? How to Donate a Boat in Utah and Idaho

Do you have a boat that mostly just sits in your driveway or on the side of your house? Do you need to free up that space for something new? When considering what to do with that old boat of yours, you may want to consider using it as a boat donation.

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho DOES accepts boat donations (and wave runners, snow mobiles, watercraft, off road and recreational vehicles).  Kidney Kars would love your boat donation! Every boat donation to The National Kidney Foundation goes toward helping kidney patients across Utah and Idaho get some much-needed support to stay alive and healthy. To top it off, you could receive a decent tax write-off as well!

There are a few differences between car donation and boat donation, which we will outline here:

Delivery of Your Boat Donation

Boats (and other recreational vehicles donations) must be delivered to a location in North Salt Lake. Unfortunately, for boat donations, no towing can be provided. Otherwise, the donation process for boats is exactly like it would be for donating a car.  You can donate by phone at (801) 226-5111 or online at https://www.towkars.org/donate-boat-utah-charity/

Titles or bill of sale for boat donations:

Boats manufactured PRIOR to 1986, DO NOT need a title and can be transferred to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah with a bill of sale, listing the year, make and model, and Hull Number (HIN). Bill of sale can be found here: https://tax.utah.gov/forms/current/tc-843.pdf

Boats manufactured AFTER 1986 DO need a title to transfer ownership to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah.

Are you going to donate the boat trailer as well?

Single Axle Trailers do NOT require Title and can be transferred with a bill of sale with identifying features (year, make, model, serial number). Bill of sale can be found here: https://tax.utah.gov/forms/current/tc-843.pdf

Double Axle Trailers DO require a title transfer.

The Boat Donation Process

Here is how the process for boat donations work:

  1. To donate go online at towKars.org, (make sure you’re on the boat donation page), check the box indicating you understand the boat will be delivered by you to a location in North Salt Lake City and submit your donation.
  2. You will receive an auto responder with the phone number/address of where to call to make delivery of your donation.
  3. Once delivered, the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho will email your tax receipt.
  4. IF the boat sells for more than $499, the Foundation will send notification regarding its selling price via email and US Postal service to offer the IRS 1098-C tax documents needed to claim the boat’s selling price above the $499 minimum value (as listed on the generalized tax receipt sent upon your delivery of the boat.

And that’s at! No longer will you need to keep your boat in your driveway, and your donation will go to help kidney patients in Utah and Idaho! To learn more about how your donation will help these people, take a look at our Why Donate a Car? article, which covers the many ways your donation is vital to the health of these people in need.