*If you are interested in donating a Kidney, please visit this page at the University of Utah: **U of U Living Donor page**

I am Official!
Hello Everyone, We had very an eventful week. We found out that I have been approved by the Transplant Team for the region to be placed on the official Transplant list waiting for a kidney. I am a big bundle of emotions because of this announcement; Nervous because it is a HUGE surgery for me, it’s kind of nerve wracking. Relieved because I have been feeling so gross and tired. I know it will really help me feel better, plus it’s a lot better than going on Dialysis. Conflicted because if I get a deceased kidney donor, I’m not really sure how to feel. It was so much easier for me to adjust to a kidney transplant when Carol gave me her kidney. Not knowing where this kidney may come from is interesting to say the least.

This week we had Kidney Clinic. It was very awkward because they wouldn’t let two parents in; my dad being the one left out. Luckily we were able to Skype VideoChat in the room, so that he was able to be included. They had to adjust multiple medications, including a injection, added a new one to help prolong my kidney function, and then they just increased one of my normal pills. My labs this week were okay considering everything that’s going on. But we finally got my blood pressure under control! PLUS I’m not dehydrated!!!!!!!!! The only thing they needed me to do before going officially on the kidney list, was get a EchoCardiogram. Which I did today. Rating score: 0/10 would not recommend. (The People doing it were very nice, it was just the exam (( Glad the room was dark.)))

This weekend when my older siblings went camping, I stayed home and made monster pillows with my little brother! We had lots of fun, playing movies, eating oven s’mores, and sewing! Special thank you to our Church Family for thinking of us and sending loads of sunshine! It’s nice to know that we’re loved and remembered.