March is Kidney Month! Are YOU the 33%?

March is Kidney Month!

Thanks to for supporting our efforts to keep Utah’s kidneys healthy for longer.  Read their article “Four things to remember during National Kidney Month here:

Thirty-seven million Americans are at risk for kidney disease.

That is one in 3 adults in the US, or 33%.  Are you the 33%?

What are the risks?

Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and family history of kidney disease are the most common causes of kidney failure.  But there are other things, like long term use of NSAIDS/Ibuprofen and other pain killers that can also cause damage. Unfortunately, other risks include being born African American, Latino and Polynesian. These communities are more likely to develop kidney disease because they are at high risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.  So taking care to control diabetes and high blood pressure, is the key to keeping kidneys healthy.

What Should I ask my doctor?

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, the sooner you “know the score” the better.   So next time you are at the doctor be prepared to ask:

1. What is my GFR Score and what can I do about it?
2. What is my Albumin to Creatinine ratio (uACR)?

What are the symptoms?

Unfortunately, kidney failure has few symptoms, and by the time there are symptoms, it’s too late.  Symptoms include:  swelling around the eyes, hands, feet, eyes or abdomen, less frequent/difficulty urinating.

Knowing your risk sooner rather than too late.

Fifty percent of those on dialysis may have prevented dialysis if they had known sooner how. If you’re not sure take a minute to find out at


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