The time your daughter got a BFA in graphic design because she grew up doing all the Kidney Kars/ graphics

Special thanks to my daughter for these designs to help promote  for the December 2021 year-end Kidney Kars promotion of the NKF Utah & Idaho.

For the past 10 years she has  volunteered by taking the high quality photos at our yearly events (every Kidney Walk, Golf Tournament, and Kidney Camp). She has volunteered to run the art therapy sessions at the youth camps, done a lot of heavy lifting (boxes of t-shirts, banners and TONS of bottled water). She and her brother have traveled long distance through Idaho and Utah with their mama to meet hundreds and thousands of kidney folks over the years.  We know and deeply admire the people we serve. We are grateful for their examples of emotional and physical resilience to fight for their lives.  We are always enriched by their attitudes and friendships.  Fulfilling a charitable mission to serve Utah and Idaho kidney patients requires volunteers year after year. To use a phrase: IT TAKES A VILLAGE.  I am grateful part of the village is my own kids.  They haven’t always come willingly because teenagers have their own lives. But they have grown up seeing how Kidney Cars donations are a vital, life-blood key to our ability to generate the funds given to the neediest people who require: expensive medical care, hundreds of miles of transportation per week, stable housing, and specialized kidney nutrition (just to stay alive).  We wish each patient who qualifies for a transplant to get one. We wish for better medical and data driven technologies to one day end, or at least delay the onset of kidney failure.  But in the meantime, while we serve those with the greatest needs:  We’re grateful for the generosity of Utah and Idaho Kidney Kars donors who donate their cars to fund National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho services.  We are grateful to the social workers who help us find kidney patient in greatest need and in some cases answer their prayers.  Kidney Kars donation save and preserve lives.  I am glad my children see how wonderfully generous and resilient people can be when we try.  So if you have an old car to donate, and you want your donation to benefit Utah and Idaho kidney patients, I am proud to say there is one clear choice:  Utah’s #1 original car donation since 1990. Your charitable car donation is the ‘horsepower’ behind our mission.   Donate before December 31st for a 2021 tax deduction.  Thank you!

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