If you want your car donation to stay in Utah call an (801) phone number

Our office is located in Utah and our phone number is (801) 226-5111.

The Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is the original, #1 choice for Utah car donation.  In fact, Kidney Kars of Utah may be the most legitimate car donation program in the country. Donations made local, stay local. We started taking car donations to support over 3,000 Utah kidney dialysis and transplant patients in the late 1980’s and we began offering patient services in Idaho in 2006.  Both kidney patient calls and car donation calls come to the same Utah office.  When you call a car donation program, if they can’t give you details about their charitable mission, tell you where the money goes, or how many patients they help – why are you donating to them?

www.towKars.org spells Kars with a “K” like Kidney!

Kidney Foundation of Utah even created the first ever car donation website: www.towKars.org in 1995. Kidney Kars of Utah provides life-blood funding to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars given back to Utah and Idaho communities for life-saving emergency financial aid services to local kidney dialysis and transplant patients: housing, utilities, transportation to and from dialysis, medications and more.  TowKars.org is the only car donation website where donations stay local to help locals.

Very unfortunately, many online charity competitors are not charities at all.

Many online car donation programs are run by car donation businesses who take a large chunk of change from your donation to pay themselves. Charities who use those kind of businesses see as little as 10% of the funds raised from your donation. So keep your donation local by calling (801) 226-5111 or visiting towKars.org, that’s tow-Kars with a “K” like Kidney.

If you’re not donating  a car using  (801) — it’s not home-spun!

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