Dear National Kidney Foundation of Utah

Thank you to all the donors who made my scholarship possible.  I am so grateful you saw my potential and for giving me this chance.  I appreciate all the work you do in asking for donations, so someone like me can make something of themselves in spite of kidney failure.  I appreciate all the back and forth that went on to pay for my tuition and some for housing.  I appreciate the patience you had for this process.  It is always a fear of mine; not having had enough money (because of medical expenses) to spare for school and technical training.  My medical bills are unreal, which as a young person, is hard.  It really lifted a weight off my shoulders having one less expense (tuition/housing).  It might not have even been possible without the scholarship.  I have been stressed out starting school soon, but I am so grateful to you.  Your support will help me enjoy my classes just a little bit more!  Thanks again for all you do, and to all the people who donate their car to Kidney Kars who make it possible!  I can now continue to work to pay for bills AND receive higher education/training so one day I can work a legit job.  Sending my best to all of you, for your kindness to me!

-B Jorgensen

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