Completely Refurbished 1947 Autocar C70 — Donated to the NKF of Utah & Idaho !

We think this truck is deserving of a spot at the Autocar Headquarters in Birmingham, AL or Hagerstown, IN.

This 1947 Autocar C70 was completely restored in 2011 by one of Utah’s leading commercial trucking CEO’s.  The drivetrain is rebuilt, has a gas engine 125 HP, and a twin trans 5 X 3.  It is truly a perfectly restored piece of history. This was a passion project refurbished for commercial truck shows around the region.  Because of it’s size and age- top speed is 45 MPH.

In 2012 it was auctioned off with 100% of the funds raised given to the NKF of Utah & Idaho. This year, the 2011 buyer gave the truck back to original owner (still in perfect condition) to be donated and sold again for the benefit of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho. It is an indication of the generosity and kindness of our community that overwhelms us and blesses the lives of Utah dialysis patients.

If interested, please contact us at (801) 226-5111 / luz@kidneyut.orgYou can visit the listing on the American Historical Truck Society here: