Why should you donate your car in Utah to towKars.org

Utah finally has two worthy LOCAL charities taking charity car donations

For 32 years, The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho has been the only charity in Utah who accepts vehicle donations for the sole purpose of directly benefitting Utahans. Recently, I was so happy to see that the Utah Food Bank has begun a pretty robust car donation program.  It’s wonderful Utah has another local non-profit dedicated to vital human services, that can further benefit local Utahans in need.  While towKars.org / Kidney Kars of Utah was Utah’s original (even one of the country’s first) and still number one choice in car donation these past 32 years; we are grateful that there for another Utah charity partner accepting vehicle donations to benefit those who suffer food instability while in Utah.  Since 1990 the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho has accepted charity car donations.  Unfortunately over those many years, hundreds of other copy-cat or sound-alike charities started their own car donation programs and began advertising on the internet.  Some of them have even used the trademarked/copyrighted name “Kidney Cars” in their Google AdWords to confuse donors into thinking they are donating to towKars.org (Kidney Kars).  It’s unfortunate, because making a mistake like that, won’t benefit anyone in Utah at all. Most of those other “charity” car donation programs have no office, staff, presence or services in Utah.  To make matters worse, many of those using sponsored or Google AdWords advertising are managed not by the charity itself, but by businesses and call centers who take a hefty cut (between $200-250 per car).  But you can be assured you’re donation will used locally when donating using towKars.org

 Too frequently people confuse Kars4Kids with Kidney Kars (towkars.org)

While every legitimate charity car donation program likely provides meanwhile and valuable services–Kidney Kars is meant to benefit Utahans only.  Kidney Cars purpose is transparent: to provide emergency medical funding to Utahans with kidney failure, to prevent kidney failure in Utah and promote kidney donation in Utah. Kidney failure is the single most expensive ongoing, life-saving medical therapy in America.  Insurance companies and the government combined spend BILLIONS of dollars a year on the 200,000 people experiencing kidney disease. Dialysis and kidney transplant is expensive.   Any kind of medical crises in America is expensive.  But unfortunately kidney disease has no cure.  Zero.  The only way to sidestep dying of kidney failure, is to qualify for a kidney transplant.  But even then, not everyone is ‘healthy’ enough to qualify for the transplant waiting list.  Kidney Kars donations help pay not only for health and human services for those in deepest medical crises (housing, utilities, specialized medical nutrition, transportation), Kidney Kars donations also help pay for dental work. Most don’t realize that one cavity, or untreated gum disease will keep you off the transplant waiting list.  As a matter of fact, I’m of the opinion that anyone who successfully navigates the transplant waiting list, finds a donor and receives a successful kidney transplant surgery should receive an honorary MPA (Masters of Public Administration).  It is no easy thing to find your way through that process, while you’re sick on dialysis.  So the emergency funding provided by the generous Utahans who donate their car to Kidney Kars is literally providing”Life Blood” to those served by the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho.

towKars.org / Kidney Kars has been Utah’s original and most legitimate charity car donation since 1990

So if you are of the mind to keep your charity car donation local, please keep towKars.org in mind (and tell a friend!).

Thank you for reading!

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