Do you know what the National Kidney Foundation of Utah does with your Charity Car Donation?

Kidney Cars donations fund  hundreds of thousands of dollars in patient services we offer Utah Kidney Patients.

We received three thank you letters today from Utah kidney patients who were given Medical Emergency Grant assistance. Please know how grateful the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is for each and every single charity car donation made to

From Robert B:

My name is Robert.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with the words when somebody steps up and helps you do something that you can’t do for yourself.  They raised my rent where I live, and could not only ‘not afford it,’ but could not afford to move.  I was wondering how I could stay at my apartment that was so close to dialysis.  I just happened to ask the counselor over here at the Kidney Clinic if there was any help available for maintaining my living situation.  My income is fixed due to not being in good enough health right now to receive a kidney transplant.  I look forward to working again once I get on the transplant list.  In the meantime, I’m limited.  So when the rent is raised, it’s not like I can get a better paying job.  I’m just trying right now to get healthy enough to be on the wait list for a new kidney.  Anyway, the counselor at the kidney center let me know that there were funds available to me to help with rent while I figure out where else I can go.    I was drowning when she put me in touch with the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho, and I felt like you’d thrown me a life-preserver.  You can’t know how much it means to me….this means I can stay where I am at least until my next doctor’s visits.  Thank you for making this possible for me to stay where I am for now.  I thank God for you.

Bless you.

Sincerely, Robert


From Jacob B:

Thank you for the Medical Emergency Financial Support.  Not only did it relieve the stress and anxiety I’m feeling in a deeply difficult health situation, but was able to enjoy another year with my daughter.  So very grateful for the hope and stress relief of knowing the kidney foundation is there when things get impossibly tight.

Always grateful,

Jacob B.


From Barbara P:

For a low income person like I am, I feel it’s criminal to keep raising the rent.  But that’s the market.  It seems no one cars to help those who can’t help themselves for the moment.  When they raised my rent I almost lost it mentally and emotionally.  The grant the NKFU&I provided really helped with my emotional stability.  It put my mind to rest knowing I have someone behind me.

God bless you all,


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