Kick a car charity’s tires

Donate your car after a charity check

‘Tis the season to be charitable. For some people, that means donating a vehicle. You can donate your car through a local chapter of the National Kidney Foundation and others, or a charity that specializes in car donations and will pick up cars, sell them at auction, and give a charity some of the proceeds.

We’ve heard such groups touted in radio ads, and search engines yield plenty of names, but our research indicates donors should be careful. None of three car-donation Web sites we looked into had a privacy policy, and two lacked complete contact information. Often the charity gets 5 percent or less of the car’s claimed value, according to a 2003 survey by the Government Accountability Office. Before you donate your car, ask :

Is the charity IRS-approved?

Ask the charity whether it’s qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions. Most approved charities are listed online in IRS Publication 78 (

How will the car be used?

The IRS says a donated car worth more than $500 that’s kept in use by the charity—bringing meals to seniors, for instance—can be deducted at its current fair market value. But if it’s sold at auction by the charity, you can deduct only the auction price. If the charity takes cars that can’t be driven, the donation might be worth no more than a lug nut.

How much money will the charity get from a third-party arrangement?

Ask the charity’s development office. Look for a share of at least 15 percent.

How much will the charity use for good deeds?

The Better Business Bureau recommends giving to charities that devote at least 65 percent of donations to good works. The BBB’s National Charity Reports Index ( rates charities on 20 standards. Charity Navigator ( has information, too. Both services are free.

After you donate your car, record the name and address of the charity and the date of your donation. Get a receipt. Keep a copy of the title transfer. Report the transfer to your state motor-vehicle department and cancel your car insurance.

Remove the vehicle’s license plates—unless state law says otherwise—and the registration and inspection stickers. That way, you won’t be sideswiped by a later owner’s violations.

Thank you for helping me through school after my kidney transplant

My name is Brooke, I am one of the lucky recipients of a generous educational scholarship offered by the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho given to to kidney transplant patients.  I was about 10 years old when I was diagnosed with level three reflux on both of my kidneys.  I received corrective surgery but  the damage was irreversible and my kidney function steadily declined until I had a kidney transplant in 2004 when I was 15.  I had been so sick prior to the transplant I didn’t even realize HOW sick… until the transplant.  It was a miracle.  I felt so much better — a whole new life.  I am now 20 years old, and just finished my 5th semester at Salt Lake Community College.  I just started my first semester in the Occupational Therapy Program.  It has been hard, but very exciting.  Without the Kidney Foundation’s help, I could not have taken so many classes toward my career.  I can not express enough, how incredibly grateful I am to the donors of the Kidney Foundation who make this possible for me.  Thank you for the donations to the Kidney Foundation so I could go to school.  Thank you for looking out for me, and helping me move forward, through the difficulties I’ve had with kidney disease in my life.   Sincerely,   Brook R. 

Kidney Foundation Experts in Car Donation

Here are links to that instruct donors how to doante their car to the Kidney Foundation:


Why your Kidney Car Donation Means So Much

 (In letter to all Kidney Foundation of Utah employees sent Friday, November 21, 2008):

I would like to remind you why we all work here.  We just received a call from the mother of a kidney patient who was evicted from her home a few months ago. She has a 2 yr. old son on a ventilator and on dialysis. She is now homeless and has been living in her car. Pam Grant, the pediatric social worker at the U, called and asked if we could make an emergency financial grant to get her in an apartment NOW. Thanks to the many donations we receive thorugh Kidney Kars and generous cash contributions, we were easily able to grant that request.  I just received a thank you call from that child’s mother.  Overwhelmed, she spoke in words broken up by tears of gratitude. Thank you all for making this kind of wonderful thing happen.  Sincereley, Deen Vetterli, CEO, National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho

NKF Utah Predicts the Utah vs. BYU win with frightening accuracy for over 20 years

Since 1987, the National Kidney Foundation of Utah has held the Rivalry for Charity Golf Tournament, featuring a play off between the head coaches of BYU and U of U.  The loser of the tournament has to sing the winning school’s fight song.  The Rivalry dates back to the days of LaVell Edwards and Ron Mc Bride.  “It’s a well know fact on our board,” says Deen Vetterli, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah, “that whoever wins our golf tournament, loses the ‘big game’.”  At this year’s tournament, held at the Country Club in Salt Lake, Kyle Whittingham was overheard saying:  “I’d love to win this round of golf, but every time I win, we lose the big game against BYU”.  

So who won the Kidney Foundation Tournament?  Let’s just say it was on the news when Bronco Mendenhall sang “Utah Man!”  Great news for BYU fans tomorrow!

Utah Car Donations Help Utah Kidney Patients

I appreciate all that you do for kidney patients here in Utah.  Without your help, I would not have been able to afford my prescriptions.  I wanted to thank you for your help.  I hope you receive many Kidney Cars Donations so you can help many more kidney patients here in Utah!  — J. Edwards

Kidney Kars Save Lives

Dear Kidney Foundation.  This letter is to thank you or all your help. My husand, Mitchell, is on dialysis three times a week.  I work, and had health inurance for him.  Soon, the compay I worked for decided he was too expensive to insure, and took him off insurance.  The cost for his perscriptions was so high, I didn’t know how we were going to make it.  Thanks to your help with gas for transportation, we were able to get by until I could fin another job and other resources to help.  I am so grateful to all the people who contribute their cars and make other gifts to the Kidney Foundation to help people they don’t even k now just because they can!  God bless all of you for lightening my burden, and that of my husband and family.  Sincerely, Denise K.

Make your Charity Car Donation a Kidney Car!

Car Donation Logo

Make your Charity Car donation a Kidney Kar and win free gas & prizes!

If you choose to donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation of  Utah & Idaho, the  #1 choice in charity car donation in Utah, between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 you will automatically be entered to win a trip to Pebble Beach for 4 (golf included),  a $25,000 cash prize, and 25 prizes including a years worth of gasoline and oil changes.  For details visit the or the website ( for details!  Thank you for making your charity car donation a Kidney Kar!

Kidney Kars helps pay Utah Kidney Patient’s Car Repair

I wanted to thank the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho for the financial assistance I received to get my car repaired.  Because of this help, I am able to continue to transport myself to the Castleview Dialysis Center four times weekly.  It is wonderful to know that there are still people in the world who care about helping others when they need it.  May the Lord bless all of you for the work that you do.   Sincerely, L.R.Ashmore