Make your Charity Car donation a Kidney Kar and win free gas & prizes!

If you choose to donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation of  Utah & Idaho, the  #1 choice in charity car donation in Utah, between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 you will automatically be entered to win a trip to Pebble Beach for 4 (golf included),  a $25,000 cash prize, and 25 prizes including a years worth of gasoline and oil changes.  For details visit the or the website ( for details!  Thank you for making your charity car donation a Kidney Kar!

Kidney Kars helps pay Utah Kidney Patient’s Car Repair

I wanted to thank the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho for the financial assistance I received to get my car repaired.  Because of this help, I am able to continue to transport myself to the Castleview Dialysis Center four times weekly.  It is wonderful to know that there are still people in the world who care about helping others when they need it.  May the Lord bless all of you for the work that you do.   Sincerely, L.R.Ashmore

Utah Kidney Kars Donation Program is Utah’s #1 Choice for Car Donation

It is discouraging to the Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho to note how many organizations accept car donations in Utah when they ARE NOT EVEN IN Utah or Idaho.  Donating online is so easy now days, that many people don’t differentiate who they are giving their car to.  Charity Navigator is America’s premier independent charity evaluator.  They evaluate over 5,300 of America’s largest charities.  On their site, we found an article to help car donors determine where they should be giving their car donations to:  — when considering who to give your car to, these are great guidelines.    Ask if that charity is located in your state!  Ask what they do with their money.  Make sure the charity is a 501 (c)(3) and understand the work that charity does in your community.   Thank you for considering the Kidney Kars donation program!

Thank you for the Educational Scholarship after my Kidney Transplant

Thank you for the generous scholarship you awarded me for fall semester 2008.  The scholarship has helped tremendously.  I’m not sure I could have gone to school this year without it.  I’m loving my ‘poor student lifestyle’ at the Unviersity of Utah, and really could not be more thankful that I’m here, able to get an education in spite of all that I’ve been through with my kidneys.  I can not adequently express my gratitude for the support the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho has given me–not just regarding my educational endeavors, but throughout the many years I was sick and waiting for a transplant.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back.

S. Jackman, U of U, Class of 2010

Kidney Kars Help Dialysis Patients in Utah

I have been on the transplant waiting list for a kidney for over five years.  My husband works, but my medical circumstances keep us continually fighting to make ends meet.  The recent rise in the cost of gas has really sent us over the edge.  I was crying at dialysis, explaining to a friend how I was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to afford getting to treatment three days a week.  I was saying how I just didn’t even want to live anymore with the worry and concern it was causing my husband.  A Social Worker at the dialysis center told me that they had been given an emergency ‘gas card’ made available by the Kidney Foundation to help pay for gas for patients like me.  It was a life-saver.  Thank you for all the people who donate their cars and other gifts to the Kidney Foundation.  Thank you, thank you.  Diseree B. 

Kidney Foundation helps repair car

Dear Kidney Foundation:  Thank you so much for helping me get my vehicle fixed!  The $350 was a blessing.  If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have had any way to get back and forth to my dialysis treatments.  I appreciate what you have done for me.  Thank you for lightening the burden and improved the quality of my life in every way!  Thank you!!! D. Espinoza

Thank you note from woman suffering from Kidney Failure

Dear Kidney Foundation,

 I would like to express sincere appreciation for your considerate donation to pay for my Medicare premiums for the first few months after I was diagnosed with kidney failure.  Being a single woman, and needing to work two jobs to pay for my medical expenses has caused me much stress.  Kidney failure has affected me not just physically, but also financially.  I wondered how I could even pay for my own treatments to stay alive.  Your help with my Medicare saved my life, and has lightened my burden considerably.  Thank you for your wonderful charity to help individuals like me.  Thank you to all the Kidney Kars donations that make your generous help available. 

Gratefully yours,

B. Stathis

Dialysis Patient Receives Transportation Grant and Says Thanks

I am writing to thank you for the transportation grant.  I have been on dialysis for four years and able to drive myself.  Then, about two weeks ago, I passed out and broke my ankle.  During recovery, I could not drive to diaysis.  Thank you for helping me get to treatment.  I am grateful for your support.  Again, thank you very much.  Robert C.

Thank You for your Kidney Kar Donation

We would like to express our gratitutde for everything you’re doing to help support kidney patients here in Utah.  Being on dialysis is very taxing and puts a heavy strain on the family finances.  Without your help, I dont know if I could afford to drive to a treatment center to get to dialysis.  I still have children at home, and want to be a positive influence in their lives for as long as I can.  Thank you for making it possible for me to continue to lead a productive life and to remiain in the lives of my children, who still need me.  Please express my gratitude to all the peole who donate a Kidney Kar or give money to the Kidney Foundation, they are blessing to me.  May their lives be blessed because of their generosity.  Sincere thanks from a grateful recipient.  – Y. Carillo

Ties, not Tires for Father’s Day

Tires, not Ties for Father’s Day?

Showing you Care…with a Car

 (Provo, UT, June 15, 2008) —    Did your dad teach you to drive?  Did he show you how to change a tire, or maybe even the oil filter? Did he teach you to drive for blocks looking for the cheapest gas in town? The National Kidney Foundation believes you can make this father’s day special with a very unique gift for all he taught you about cars.  Honor your father by donating your used car to the Kidney Kars donation program of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah.  Not only is father’s day a wonderful time to donate to honor dad, gas prices are sky high, and there’s no better reason to both honor Dad and get rid of a gas-guzzler all at the same time.  Kidney Kars donations are sold or recycled to raise money for local medical research, patient services, organ donation and public education. Talk about getting good mileage! You may also find yourself in the express lane for a tax deduction.  In fact, eighty-seven (87%) percent of Americans who donated cars, vans, trucks or boats last year itemized their tax returns and were able to reap a charitable deduction for their contribution.   For more information, or to donate your car, van, truck or boat, call 1-800-TOW-KARS (1-800-869-5277) or donate online at Save gas, recycle, help kidney patients, save on your taxes.  Honk if you think Dad would be proud.