How Does the Kidney Foundation Pick Up Work? 

Man, this is the easy part!

How Does Kidney Foundation Pick Up Work? |

One of the best things about donating a car to Kidney Kars is that you can finally get that car out of your driveway! Not only that, the process is so simple and easy you’ll barely have to lift a finger. So how does the Kidney Foundation pick up work?

The Kidney Foundation Pick Up

After the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho has the information about your car, where to pick it up, who to call to arrange the pick up, we will assign one of our partnered towing companies to work with you.

The tow company will text or call you within 24 hours to set a tow-time (it’s usually about 48 hours between donation and pick up).  The tow company will provide a 3 hour window for the next day (except on Sundays). You can set a different day and window of time, if their time frame is inconvenient. The 48 hour turn around should give you enough time to remove all your personal belongings and license plates prior to the vehicle being towed.   Keep in mind you don’t need to physically be there for them to pick up the car (unless you want to be).

The towing company will instruct you to sign the title over to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho, and to leave the title with the keys inside of the car (under the driver’s side floor mat or under the driver’s side seat). You can even arrange an even more super special secret location to leave the keys and title, as long as it’s communicated clearly between you and the tow truck operator.

The towing company will then simply come and pick up your car, and you’re all set! You’ll get all the documentation by email within 3-5 days.

How Kidney Foundation Pick Up Works |

So Let’s Recap. How does the Kidney Foundation Pick Up Work?

  1. The towing company will call you 24 hours after you’ve submitted the car’s information to
  2. The towing company will pick up the car around 48 hours (except on Sundays) after you’ve given the car information to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho.
  3. Tax Receipts will be emailed to you within 3-5 days.
  4. You’re will help to lighten the burden for and help to save the lives of  Utah and Idaho Kidney patients.

To get started with your donation, visit our donation pages and fill out the proper forms: