How to Donate a Car to Kidney Kars of Utah & Idaho

How to Donate a Car to Kidney Kars |

Donating a car to Kidney Kars of Utah and Idaho is fast, free, and easy. How many times can you say that about literally ANYTHING?  We’d love to make the process seem more sophisticated, but the fact is that donating to Kidney Kars really is a piece of cake. By donating your old car, you are helping the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho serve and save the lives of Utah and Idaho Kidney patients—so our goal is to make it as easy, painless and fast as we can. So if you don’t know how to donate a car, here is all the information you need.

It takes almost 5 whole minutes. We get a lot of “That’s it?” The answer is “YEP!”  In fact, donating your car to Kidney Kars may actually be the easiest thing you’ll end up doing today.

How to Donate a Car to Kidney Kars, Step-by-Step:

How to Donata a Car to Kidney Kars |

  1. Get out your car title (THIS IS THE HARDEST PART, we promise).
  2. Get the car’s mileage (This is the 2nd hardest part).
  3. Call our local office (801) 226-5111 or go to to give us some basics:
    1. Who gets the tax receipt and where do we email it?
    2. Where do we pick up the car?
    3. What color is the car, how many miles does it have on it?
    4. Give us general information about the car (engine/transmission/collision damage)
    5. What is the VIN# ?
  4. A towing company will then call or text you (within 24 hours) to set up a pick up appointment for the following day (total turn around averages 48 hours).>>How Does the Kidney Foundation Pick Up Work?
  5. Then we e-mail (or send you US Postal service) a tax receipt from the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho that you can use to deduct the charitable donation on your taxes and take advantage of the tax benefits of donating a car.
  6. You’re done!

Now, you’ve just cleaned out your driveway/garage and helped save lives in Utah and Idaho! 

The process really is that simple! If you know someone who might have an old clunker or car they need to clear away, let them know how to donate a car by sending them this article.

To get started, just visit our Utah car donation page and fill out the form now!

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