Kidney Kars Makes Car Donation a Breeze

Hi Luz,

We received the receipt for our donation of our ’94 Ford F250 pickup yesterday–thank you.

When I initially googled “car donation”, many sites came up. I chose the Kidney Foundation because of its longevity and am glad I did. I am impressed with the Utah/Idaho’s website and ease with which we could donate. I spoke with you personally and was impressed with your professionalism and precise way in which you answered all my questions. Donating our vehicle was a breeze.

Thank you for your assistance in our donation process. I can only wish that our vehicle will sell for more at auction to be of greater benefit to your organization.

Sincerely,  K. Sokolowski

Utah Kidney Kars Donation is Number 1

I donated my first car to the Kidney Foundation for a tax deduction back in 1991.  I just donated another car, and the process is faster and easier than ever!  Thank you Kidney Foundation for taking my car!  Say hi to Bronco– Go Cougars!