Why donate your Kidney Car in December 2021

Why donate your Kidney Car in December?

Aside from the obvious (snow-towing & parking violation situations) it’s also the end of the tax year.  Charitable car donations made in Utah and Idaho before December 31st will provide you with a 2020 tax write off. So if you’ve got a car on the street or in the driveway you’re not using, put it into gear for the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho kidney patient programs by donating to or call locally 9-5/M-F at (801) 226-5111  Donating in December assures more help to Utah and Idaho kidney patients during the critical holiday and winter months.  When it’s hard for patients to afford both heat and medications, your car donation provides us with the funding to help them.

What about the free towing?

  • it’s FREE
  • takes as little as 24-48 hours (or more if you need time to get it ready!)
  • you do NOT have to be there when the car’s towed

What about the tax deduction?

The IRS allows donors to claim one of two values as the deduction.  Obviously newer model vehicles with lower miles will give you the best tax deduction. But we also accept any vehicle with a clear title, 4 inflated tires and a complete engine/transmission (doesn’t need to work, it just needs to be IN THE CAR).

  1. Up to $499 (generalized tax receipt)
  2. The Car’s actual selling price

So you can claim either the $499 or the car’s actual selling price, whichever is highest.  The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is required to notify you of the car’s selling price over $500 so you can make the choice how much to claim.

Who benefits from my Kidney Kars donation?

If you use the local Utah & Idaho kidney kars website to donate, 38% goes directly to serve over 3,000 Utah and Idaho kidney dialysis patients through Medical Financial Aid.  The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho provides aid to help patients with: medical bills, medications, rent, utilities, transportation, medical kidney nutrition supplements, and dental bills.  Most of the financial aid is provided to patients trying to become eligable for the kidney transplant waiting list.  This requires patients to pay off medical bills, have 100% updated dental work (any cavity or infection can cause a donated kidney to reject), and keep the patient in stable housing.  The medical kidney nutrition is vital, since it allows the patients blood work to show healthy ranges of nutrients important to sustain a donated kidney (iron, oxygen, calcium, etc).


Make sure to donate locally to ensure maximum use of your donation.

Most car donation programs are not local to Utah and Idaho, and do not benefit Utah or Idaho patients.  So donating to assures you maximum accountability that your donation is going where we say it’s going.  Donations made locally help local friends and family.


Make your car a Kidney Car, a car that saves lives.

M-F/ 9-5 (801) 226-5111 or



Donate the Car, Keep the Memories

donate the darn car

Donate the Car, Keep the Memories

Happy 4th of July!

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If you buy a new car over the weekend, donate your old one to Kidney Kars !

• Tax Deductible

•Free Towing

• Benefits over 3,000 Utah & Idaho Kidney dialysis and transplant patients or 1-800-Tow-Kars

Tax Payers Subsidize Cash for Clunkers

Kick a car charity’s tires

Donate your car after a charity check

‘Tis the season to be charitable. For some people, that means donating a vehicle. You can donate your car through a local chapter of the National Kidney Foundation and others, or a charity that specializes in car donations and will pick up cars, sell them at auction, and give a charity some of the proceeds.

We’ve heard such groups touted in radio ads, and search engines yield plenty of names, but our research indicates donors should be careful. None of three car-donation Web sites we looked into had a privacy policy, and two lacked complete contact information. Often the charity gets 5 percent or less of the car’s claimed value, according to a 2003 survey by the Government Accountability Office. Before you donate your car, ask :

Is the charity IRS-approved?

Ask the charity whether it’s qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions. Most approved charities are listed online in IRS Publication 78 (

How will the car be used?

The IRS says a donated car worth more than $500 that’s kept in use by the charity—bringing meals to seniors, for instance—can be deducted at its current fair market value. But if it’s sold at auction by the charity, you can deduct only the auction price. If the charity takes cars that can’t be driven, the donation might be worth no more than a lug nut.

How much money will the charity get from a third-party arrangement?

Ask the charity’s development office. Look for a share of at least 15 percent.

How much will the charity use for good deeds?

The Better Business Bureau recommends giving to charities that devote at least 65 percent of donations to good works. The BBB’s National Charity Reports Index ( rates charities on 20 standards. Charity Navigator ( has information, too. Both services are free.

After you donate your car, record the name and address of the charity and the date of your donation. Get a receipt. Keep a copy of the title transfer. Report the transfer to your state motor-vehicle department and cancel your car insurance.

Remove the vehicle’s license plates—unless state law says otherwise—and the registration and inspection stickers. That way, you won’t be sideswiped by a later owner’s violations.

Make your Charity Car Donation a Kidney Car!

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