$350 made the difference between hanging on and sinking

The holiday season is tough enough without the additional frustration of having Polycystic Kidney Disease. Thank-you for your support.  I work for a company that offers good health insurance–for which I am grateful…but the longer I live with the disease, the co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses–soon begin to take their toll on the budget.  The $350 gift to help us pay for some of our medications in the month of December gave me tremendous hope that I can keep on trying and working.  I will never be able to thank-you enough for what you do for us patients and those of us who feel victim to the relentlessness of kidney disease.  My love and respect goes out to you and all the wonderful donors of the Kidney Foundation that help people like us.   Sincerely, David J.

Lighten the Burden and Improve the Quality of Life

Dear Ms. Vetterli:  In the letter, you stated to ‘help lighten the burden and improve the quality of life for Utah & Idaho dialysis and tranpslant patients.’  No truer words about the Kidney Foundation have ever been spoken.  Unless you have experienced kidney failure, and dialysis, you have no idea how much the Kidney Foundation helps in every way.    For every Kidney Kar donation, for every company that donates money, for every generous donor– I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I wish I could personally thank each donor and tell them how much they have helped relieve the huge burden of living with k idney failiure is on me and my family.  I probably would have died 3 years ago without your help with my medications and housing.  I was giving up the struggle to stress and financial burdens I was unable to bear while I was so sick.  I stil have bad days, but I feel like I have you, and the Kidney Foundation donors helping ‘lighten my burden’ and that makes me want to keep fighting to be around for my children and for those who have been so generous.  Thank you so much.  Sincerely, Hazel G.