Thank you to the BYU & University of Utah Air Force ROTC!


We owe a huge thank you to the  BYU & U of U Air Force ROTC for the outstanding volunteer service today! Your strength, discipline and compassion is inspiring. You guys make us proud to be Americans!

Utah, BYU coaches lend assist to Kidney Foundation

Pretty Sweet Kidney Kars Donation I’d Say.

Thank you so much to C. Gunderson of South Jordan for the gorgeous black 2000 Porsche Boxter.  It had a pricey blown transmission, but was in overall good shape.  With a little help from our friends at IAA (Insurance Auto Auctions) the Kidney Foundation of Utah was still able to sell it for more than $6,000 bucks at a Las Vegas Auto Auction.  That money will go straight into Utah medical research, and into the hands of kidney patients who are in desperate financial times because of the cost of their medical treatments, medications, and transportation to and from dialysis.  That was one gorgeous car– and a most generous Kidney Kars donation!  We are so grateful Ms. Gunderson for your humanitarian!

Both my son and I are on dialysis

We cannot thank you enough for helping us make our car payment so me and my son Beau can get to dialysis. We both dialyze at the same clinic and live together to cut living and transportation costs. This April, I filed my income taxes, claiming Beau as a dependent. The E-file was kicked back saying my son’s Social Security number was tied to another tax return which claimed working income, a spouse, and a dependent! Someone had stolen his social security! They froze his Medicare and other disability benefits. We are still fighting to clarify his identity–in the meantime, we still have to pay our same bills–including the car payment for the car that gets us both to dialysis. Bless you for your help in our great time of need. It is so frustrating to be at the mercy of the ‘powers that be’. If we were healthy, could work, and not have to rely on anyone for our care it would be different. But the kindness and mercy you have shown us will not soon be forgotten by us. God Bless you. Sincerely, Pat M., Sandy, UT

Thank you for helping me pay my utilities


Hi my name is Agustine. Kidney Foundation helped
me with my utilities this winter and I am so grateful. Because of low creatine
levels due to kidney failure I get so very cold that I try to keep the house at
least 65 degrees. Because I’m blind (diabetes is what killed my kidneys and my
eyesight) I’ve got to move around to find things, and use my hands instead of
my eyes. When the house is cold, and with my creatine levels so low it became
hard to get around my own house. But we just couldn’t afford to keep the house
warm, it was too expensive, and we also needed to pay for my meds. My husband
was understanding, but it was hard. When I mentioned this at dialysis in
January when the temps dropped to subzero, my social worker told me there was
help through the Kidney Foundation. We were so grateful after 3 weeks of not
having any heat in the house after Christmas, to be able to turn the thermostat
up to 65 again was a true comfort. Thank you so much for this help. We hope my
husband will be my kidney donor by next summer–and if that happens I won’t be
so cold all the time! Thank you, thank you for helping make our lives a little
easier! Sincerely, Augusine and Val.

We struggled to make ends meet after kidney failure

I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my husband.  He was recently diagnosed with Acute Renal Kidney Failure.  He has been going to dialysis since August and has been out of work since then.  We have applied for disability but have been struggling to make ends meet.  We talked to his social worker and explained our hardship, and it was she who recommended we apply for help to the Kidney Foundation.  We were relieved to find out we could receive some assistance to help toward our house payment.  We would like to thank the Kidney Foundation of Utah for helping us in our time of need.  It was a time of great desperation and we cannot thank you enough.  Sincerely,  Christi & LeRoy C.

We’d like to thank the Utah Kidney Foundation one last time.

Dear Mrs. Vetterli:  I am writing this note on behalf of my husband Mike A. who passed away July 1, 2010.  He was a dialysis patient for the past 4 years.  Each time we were benefactors of the Kidney Foundation we would write a note acknowledging the members and donors who made those funds available.  This will be our last note of gratitude.  Before Mike died, he missed a dialysis treatment because we did not have the money for gas.  His social worker, Scott, gave him a $20.00 bill from his own pocket and asked Mike to promise he would never miss a dialysis treatment again.  Mike and I were lucky to receive a gas card from the Kidney Foundation which enabled us to keep that promise.  Mike’s social worker and the Kidney Foundation were important to us.  Scott spoke recently at Mike’ s funeral.  We were so fortunate to have advocates like Scott, and the Kidney Foundation looking out for us.  On behalf of all kidney patients who benefit from your patient services, we thank you one last and final time.  Sincerely,  Helen A.

Kidney Foundation of Utah almost made me cry

Dear Kidney Foundation of Utah,  I appreciate all that you have done for me.  I am so thankful to receive my new glasses.  I can see much better now.  I wish I had better words to express my appreciation, but when I try it just makes me want to cry in gratitude.  Thank you so much.  Respectfully,  R. Vasquez

Another thank you Kidney Foundation of Utah

Dear Kidney Foundation:  You recently gifted us a payment toward our home mortgage during a very difficult financial time in which my husband, Aaron gave his kidney to our daughter Paige.  The surgery took place on May 21, 2010 and Aaron was not able to work for about three weeks following the surgery.  We are so grateful for the help afforded us at that time.  It took a huge burden off our shoulders as Aaron attempted to save our daughter’s life by giving her his own kidney.  Aaron is slowly recovering, and very pleased at how well Paige is doing!  Thank you and God bless you for your generosity.  Please be sure to thank the donors who made this possible.  Sincerely, V. Turner